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    Give your baby a once in a lifetime unique gift.
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    Don’t miss out our great Easter Basket ideas.
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    Find the perfect Easter Basket for your baby.


Welcome to our Easter Baskets for Babies site!

We know that it is hard to find the perfect Easter Basket for your baby or a friend or relative’s baby. Usually you are looking for a basket that is a little bit special, particularly if it is a baby’s first Easter Basket.

With this site, we have researched a number of different suppliers to find the Easter Baskets which we think are perfect for babies, toddlers, kids and OK, even teenagers. We have tried to take the hard work out of your Easter Basket shopping by collating in one place a range of different Easter Baskets suitable for children of all ages.

Just to ensure that Easter isn’t all about presents, you can also find various ideas of games to play, things to make and some background on the Easter story so that your children can understand a bit more about the tradition of Easter.

Why not start by checking out our favorite Easter Baskets as listed below. Otherwise, please have a look through the different categories as we are sure that you will find a great Easter Basket somewhere on our site!

Happy Easter!

Baby’s First Easter Basket

This is a great Easter Basket for a baby’s first Easter. The colours are attractive, the toys are designed to help with the baby’s development and, of course, everything in the Basket is safe for a baby.

Personalized Easter Baskets for Girls or Boys

This is a great Easter Basket as it can be personalised with the child’s name and comes in different colours to suit both boys and girls. Sure to a be a one-of-a-kind gift this Easter which lasts and lasts!

Dreamy Easter Basket for Baby

This basket contains all-natural massage lotion to give a baby a gentle rub-down, plus (a gift perfect for every parent) a Sleepy Baby CD!

Easter Basket for Toddlers

This is more suited for slightly older kids and it is centred around bath-time. With all natural bath products, bath toys, a bath game and a cute Easter Bunny it’s sure to be a winner!